The light today, in Genoa

It’s been a footsore and wearisome day in some ways but in other ways, it was completely sublime.

The light was exciting as I wandered the city, wending my way down to Via San Luca, repeatedly, trying to resolve the mystery of where precisely the shop was, so I could get my usb modem reloaded.

And then I was punished for not understanding everything first time and penance took the form of walking down ... and yes, back up, from the shop I was buying the hours from.  In a twist of ouch that those who know me will enjoy, my lack of any other fluent language in telephone/internet instructions, meant that after being given painstaking instructions in Italian ... my laptop threw that information back at me in Nederlands, making everything as clear as mud.

I could have cried ... but crying never solved anything.  So I went back down to the shop however it was lunchtime and all was locked until 3pm.

I wandered and returned however the assistant there didn’t speak English and, even worse, I couldn’t explain in Italian.

I thought, ‘Okay, this is my punishment for not learning the language’.  The English-speaking guy was gone and anyway, what sort of internet addict was I?

Well ... obviously quite a bad one, as an hour later I resolved not to waste my 20 euro reloading fee, and wandered back down.  I found him!  But I had to bring my laptop back.

My feet were all but broken.  I’ve really struggled with recovering from last week’s cold.  It’s been a complete pain but I did it - that usb modem has been reloaded.  I'm a little sweaty and footsore,  and slightly mortified by the whole process but it's done.

Other rewards from my day?
Well there are some photographs I think I might be rather pleased with.
And yes, I have internet here at the apartment as of tonight.
There is also fresh pasta - the famous trofie, to be accompanied by fresh pesto from the ladies down in Il Lungho. 

Red wine?
Why yes, there is a little of that too.

Anyway, this first photograph from today is a slice of Giuseppe Corsa di Vergagni’s fountain (1936) located in Piazza de Ferrari.  The light and the wind blowing the water around, simply delighted me.