Teatro Carlo Felice, Genoa

In the background, behind the fountain, you can see a part of Teatro Carlo Felice ... reputed to be the most technological theatre in Italy.  It has a stage set that allows twelve complete sets at the same time.

Dedicated to King Carlo Felice of Savona in 1828, and designed by Carlo Barabino - it was neoclassical in style, with two sections joined at right angles however the original theatre was destroyed during WWII.

Apparently, during the reconstruction of the theatre, all of the architects working on it died.  Due to this incredible misfortune, the theatre didn’t reopen until 1991, when its restoration was completed by Aldi Rossi.

Reading from edizioni KINA Italia/L.E.G.O - today the theatre has an interior geometrical structure made of iron, stone, wood and marble. 

Having photographed it and read about it, it seems important that one day I actually wander inside and attend an event.  I’ll let you know.