C’è chi c’ha, Chiavari

Last night I was introduced to the lovely Paola, from C’è chi c’ha, and her boutique selling exclusive Italian high-fashion and Pret-a-Porter clothing.

Fashion rarely makes me swoon, in fact, I have never used that particular word but watching Miriam model one exquisite coat, then another, I may have swooned a little.  I wish I had photographed the coats now. They were exquisite, or perhaps elegant, clearly beyond words.  Maybe my camera and I can slip back to Chiavari via the short train trip and capture something of it all.  Even the tiny shop is exquisite, tucked into an ancient corner of the old city. 

If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of C’è chi c’ha, Paola has stores in both Chiavari and Chianni, then you really must wander in.  You won’t regret it.  You can read more about the Chianni shop here.

There are stories of a delightful restaurant meal in Chiavari to follow but my ‘internet provider’ seems not to be working today and I am at an internet cafe without photoshop for downsizing ...