Miss 10 Captured Me ... in a dress

It may be that for the last 8 years, or more, I have refused to wear the dress Miss 10 knew that I had.

I'm not sure how it happened ... this fact that I had become more comfortable in trousers but it did.  I picked her up from school yesterday, wearing this dress in 30 celsius heat. I foolishly Facebooked the moment, just mentioning that I knew it would surprise her.

My friends ... they picked up on it in a way I didn't expect.  A photograph was demanded.  So here you have it, Miss 10 approving and me ... painfully posing.

Even I see that it's too amusing not to share.

The story of that dress ... when my first husband ended our marriage, I had to go onto welfare.  The solo mother's benefit.  I hated it but I was halfway through that university degree I'd begun aged 34. 

I found part-time work, went in to tell them that I didn't need welfare money anymore and the woman ... she was an angel, said that they had to give me an allowance to buy clothes for an interview.

I said, no, it's okay, I have a job.  She insisted, as my previous welfare person had messed up my payments so badly.

I found the dress, laughingly called it my princess of the pacific islands dress, and moved to Istanbul where I wore it for parent/teacher interviews.

Then, in 2006, I pulled it out when I got married to the Belgian bloke and was, once again, without money.

Fast-forward to 2015 and here I am wearing that magical dress again.  Things are changing drastically, here in my Belgian life ... updates to follow.

Interview by Di Mackey, Film by Hanna Kuikka - Wendy Leach, Artist

Hanna and I explored the possibility of merging our interest in people with my passion for interviews and photography and her talent for film back in July.

New Zealand artist, Wendy Leach kindly agreed to be the subject of our first combined effort and while you don't hear or see me, that's me doing the interview.

Following is the 7 minute interview we created.

Interview with artist Wendy Leach from Wendy Leach on Vimeo.

And the full 16 minute interview can be viewed below ...

Full interview with artist Wendy Leach from Wendy Leach on Vimeo.



a few days and good friends ...

I have some truly remarkable friends and I've been busy with some of them.

Shannon came visiting from Holland, arriving on Friday night, she stepped straight into a wee adventure, racing off to view the latest Jane Eyre movie with Ruth and I.

I had forgotten how much fun the movies could be ... and it was a most excellent movie.

Shannon and I wandered through Saturday ... starting late, we headed into the city and spent most of the day chatting in the lazy lovely way old friends chat.

She left on Sunday but not before we picked up Peter, the lovely tenor bloke I know, from the Airport bus.  We strolled across the big square outside Central Station, here in Antwerpen, and popped into the Zoo Cafe for a small wine-quaffing session.

Shannon left, and Peter came home to stay with Gert and I.  He's here for a few days before he jets back to his base in Berlin and so our days are full of conversation and photographs.  Jessie and I are updating his professional information photographically and he is being generally entertaining.

In other news, my daughter photographed me today.  I needed a publicity shot too.  It's quite the bizarre thing to be on the other side of the camera but voila ... hello from me here in the flatlands.

A Special Holiday Offer on my 'Come Travel with Me' Photography Workshop in Italy ...

Why not book a place on my 'Come Travel with Me' 5-day Photography Workshop in Beautiful, Historic Genoa, Italy, in the new year.
If you book before January 15th, 2012 and you will receive a €100 discount immediately.
I imagine I don't need to  point out that that's a lot of aperitivo moments.
Very limited space is available.

Wishing everyone the very best things in 2012.