Miss 10 Captured Me ... in a dress

It may be that for the last 8 years, or more, I have refused to wear the dress Miss 10 knew that I had.

I'm not sure how it happened ... this fact that I had become more comfortable in trousers but it did.  I picked her up from school yesterday, wearing this dress in 30 celsius heat. I foolishly Facebooked the moment, just mentioning that I knew it would surprise her.

My friends ... they picked up on it in a way I didn't expect.  A photograph was demanded.  So here you have it, Miss 10 approving and me ... painfully posing.

Even I see that it's too amusing not to share.

The story of that dress ... when my first husband ended our marriage, I had to go onto welfare.  The solo mother's benefit.  I hated it but I was halfway through that university degree I'd begun aged 34. 

I found part-time work, went in to tell them that I didn't need welfare money anymore and the woman ... she was an angel, said that they had to give me an allowance to buy clothes for an interview.

I said, no, it's okay, I have a job.  She insisted, as my previous welfare person had messed up my payments so badly.

I found the dress, laughingly called it my princess of the pacific islands dress, and moved to Istanbul where I wore it for parent/teacher interviews.

Then, in 2006, I pulled it out when I got married to the Belgian bloke and was, once again, without money.

Fast-forward to 2015 and here I am wearing that magical dress again.  Things are changing drastically, here in my Belgian life ... updates to follow.