My Genova Life ... 24 hours.

Yesterday, I was invited to Imperia ... to the Imperia Vintage Yacht Challenge.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved that.  Temple Perrotta invited a group of us up to her home, had organised a boat trip that allowed us to be out there among the boats, and watch fireworks from her balcony ... after a lovely dinner down in the village.

I had octopus for dinner.  It was divine.  It was probably of the best meals I've ever eaten.  I would go back to Imperia, more than 100kms from Genova, just for the octopus.  It was like that ... 

I woke at 8am today, after a 2am bedtime, but fell back into bed and slept until 10am.  It delighted me.  It's so rare I manage to sleep in.

We had a storm here today.  An impressive one.  Huge explosions of thunder rolled around above the city, causing the Genoa versus Florence football match to be suspended, once the rain arrived.

I went wandering, towards the end of the downpour ... my camera and I. We found beautiful things, of course.. 

This umbrella was just lying there, spotted as I passed by an alleyway, down near the port.  I backed up, looked around, dug my camera out and played with the light some.

It has been a truly superb 24 hours.

Out of Time ...

the streets of rome (2).jpg

Wandering in Italy often allows you to see things as they might have been.

The cyclist rode into my shot while I was distracted by my camera settings and trying to capture the soldiers, who had appeared suddenly.

And then seemed to disappear just as suddenly too.

At first I considered the image a reject.  I don't like blurring my foregrounds however I'm keeping this one.  There's something I like about it ...even if it's simply the feeling that I was caught out of time, just for a moment or two.