My Genova Life ... 24 hours.

Yesterday, I was invited to Imperia ... to the Imperia Vintage Yacht Challenge.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved that.  Temple Perrotta invited a group of us up to her home, had organised a boat trip that allowed us to be out there among the boats, and watch fireworks from her balcony ... after a lovely dinner down in the village.

I had octopus for dinner.  It was divine.  It was probably of the best meals I've ever eaten.  I would go back to Imperia, more than 100kms from Genova, just for the octopus.  It was like that ... 

I woke at 8am today, after a 2am bedtime, but fell back into bed and slept until 10am.  It delighted me.  It's so rare I manage to sleep in.

We had a storm here today.  An impressive one.  Huge explosions of thunder rolled around above the city, causing the Genoa versus Florence football match to be suspended, once the rain arrived.

I went wandering, towards the end of the downpour ... my camera and I. We found beautiful things, of course.. 

This umbrella was just lying there, spotted as I passed by an alleyway, down near the port.  I backed up, looked around, dug my camera out and played with the light some.

It has been a truly superb 24 hours.