Days of Quiet & Recovering

I have never had so many things go wrong on a journey as went wrong in Italy this time.

I came home skinnier, tired, and feeling a little bit defeated ... ready to tear off my wandering wings, buy myself a dog and stay home.  Writing of life.

But good food, warmth, and simply being home has allowed me to put myself back together.  Helped, I'm sure, by my lovely friend Inge who mailed me a much-longed for New Zealand movie.  I watched it on my first night home and loved Himiona Grace's film - The Pa Boys

And so it's Friday.  I picked up a couple of exciting new projects yesterday  ... inspiring me to download the last of my photographs from Liguria.  My new website is back on the table as that thing that must be done.  There was no time for anything creative while in Italy this time ... just a few photographs.  (The book was not completed).

So ... an end to the whining and on with everything else.