Writing from Milan Airport ...

I'm that woman sitting in the midst of those traveling to Berlin, here at the airport in Milan.  There's limited seating, I'm almost sure I shouldn't confess I'm on the flight after theirs. 

I arrived early.  It's my way of dealing with those rumours I've heard of an unreliable Italian train system.  I've never found it to be unreliable over the years but I do arrive 3-4 hours early most times.  When the trip to the airport involves a two-hour train trip and 45 minutes on bus, it's just simpler to arrive early.

Genova was intense. Perhaps I should write, 'as always', but these hard metal seats are barely keeping me awake as I finally allow myself to sink into being here, with nothing more required of me except boarding the plane.

There are so many photographs from my 8 days away, so many stories but I'll keep it simple and leave you with a 'selfie' I took in a beautiful Genovese villa, one that has a fountain from the 15th century and the room you see in the mirror.