Ravioli Fatti in Casa Al “Tuccu” Di Carne, at Il Genovese, Genova.

Il Genovese, located at Via Galata 35R here in Genova, serves a Ligurian meat sauce that I simply adore.

For me, Ravioli Fatti in Casa Al “Tuccu” Di Carne captures, or perhaps represents, some of the best of my food memories so far. 

There is the nostalgia for those stews my Nana used to slow- cook on her coal-fired stove in Invercargil, New Zealand - although her stews never tasted this good.  Never have I tasted a meat sauce like this one. 

Then there is the delicate pasta that hosts the exquisite filling I may have been known to rave about previously.  There is the meat sauce, the one that spends a day cooking ... until it is so tender it simply melts in your mouth. 

And that combination of ingredients I cannot name but that come together to create this dish I adore.

This was dinner tonight.  Grazie mille to Il Genovese!!