What I Love Best About Being Back in Genova ...

I so very much enjoy  the people I meet here in this ancient Italian city and then I love introducing visitors to all that I love about being Here.

The last few days have been extraordinary and incredibly busy. Today, out with Gabriella all day, I took a series of photographs that made me smile.  This is one.

It's not so much about being great ... it's simply about sharing something found on one of those most excellent days.

There has been so much more.  Working with Anna and Valeria, meeting and working with Silvia too ... days spent with Maddalena, and Gabriella, and a superb night out with Alessandra, Davide, Federico, Grazia, Maddy and Isabella ...listening to Ghos T Notes perform out at Nervi.

Making plans to catch up with Leah and Outi.  Eating at Douce.  Surviving on 6 hours sleep.  Knowing Il Genovese is a plan for soon.

Back in Genova, Italy, and loving it.