Back in Genova ...

I'm back ... in Genova, slowly finding my feet after an epic couple of days.

Days that culminated in my discovering I hadn't packed the power cord for my laptop.  This was beyond terrible.  I could cope without it but preferred not to have to.

The big electronic shops were of no use.  I hadn't realised. And couriering mine over was going to be complicated by public holiday Monday and all kinds of other things too.

Then I remembered .  The phone guy had recommended a particular shop last time I needed something for my computer.  Tucked away in Vico Campetto, 3R, they're not easy to find unless someone tells you about them.

Once again their service was perfect and yes, it would be no problem, they could get me a Dell power cord.  The relief was intense.  All my notes are on my laptop, as is my music and, of course, it's my way of staying in touch with the world when I'm out and wandering.

I'm going to write more about Cosimini.  And maybe go back and get a photograph of the store.  They offer before-and-after assistance when you're purchasing that new electronic article, and all kinds of other technical services too.

As for now ... it's really good to be back in Genova. 

Really good.