An Unusual Weekend So far ...

I wouldn't be exaggerating if I wrote that I am spending time with the most remarkable people this weekend.  I'm on a two-day workshop that has both filled me with a new kind of energy and left me an exhausted shell of a woman tonight.

The intensity is quite something.  (And I've deleted words and sentences here so many times already...)  I need to get through the workshop and then give it a couple of days to brew some before writing of it.

The bonus is spending time with Lynette.  She is a New Zealander living over in Brussels ... a woman who has fitted so beautifully into our household that we might just keep her.  She's been a great companion on the journey and after about 24 hours together I feel like we've known one another a very long time.

Meanwhile, I'm proud of the New Zealanders out there putting up a fight against the deep sea oil drilling off the coast of our beautiful little islands  And while I know a few grumpy old blokes read my blog and will surely mutter into their long grey beards, I'm going to proudly post a clip from those people who see the huge risks in the drilling.