There Are Days ...

What makes me so homesick at this time of year?

I think it's the realisation that we're on the big plunge into winter where Christmas will be turned into something white and freezing and flat and kind of boring.  Meanwhile, back home in New Zealand, Christmas means summer holidays that go on forever ... strawberries, cherries, new potatoes just out of the ground.  It means white wine in the sun ... actually this song really gives a good sense of it.

My song of choice when I want to go on a melancholic bender ... oh yes.

I have a lovely guest arriving tonight.  There's a dinner in the city and an introductory workshop session.  I'm curious to see how it all goes but just can't concentrate at the moment.

Mmmmm, that could have something to do with the photograph below.  The contents of Christine and Peter's parcel.  It may be that I'm actually in the midst of a sugar rush caused by the Mint Treat Bites and the Chocolate Fish, eaten while I was writing today.

But the Tui bird pictured below.  You cannot imagine how much pleasure I get from pressing the small button that makes it chime ... just like a real one.  I'm still bemused about how easily I've regressed to 'small delighted child'.

I'll get back to you ...