The question was ... was it me or the city?

I didn't know if my moods were flucuating on their own or whether it was the fault of Genova.

In the end I decided that it was mostly the fault of Genova ... aka La Superba.

The light pulled me outside again and again during my recent 3-week vist.  The morning light in the carruggio was so good on those last two days and there was photographic 'treasure' to be found everywhere.

But it's always about the people too.  I stopped at Caffe Degli Specchi for coffee, then wandered down into the narrow alleyways in the ancient part of the city. 

The light, the light! ... I might have been heard to mutter.

Then, just to add to a kind of surreal heightening of the senses, I remember hearing a huge number of children singing.  I followed the sound and discovered some kind of mixed-age choir performing on the steps of the San Lorenzo cathedral

I passed nuns chatting as they wandered along the street, and I stopped in at a fishmongers to photograph my beloved Anchovies ... seeing the art of them rather than well ... dead fish.

There's always more but here is one of those photographs. Taken on via Canetto il Lungo, I caught morning shoppers at one of the vegetable shops, and couldn't resist ...