On the way 'home', when in Genoa

The question is not what you look at, but what you see.
Henry David Thoreau

Growing up in small-town New Zealand, the same town until I was 20, I had landmarks I knew when wandering home ...

I lived next to an intermediate school, the once famous Mosgiel Woollen Mill was nearby. Saddle Hill and the Maungatua’s gave me a sense of direction.  I knew my world there and yes, I have landmarks here in my Antwerp life too, but the angel creature in the photograph below is part of the remains of the cloister of Sant’Andrea, a Romanesque ruin that used to be part of an ancient church with the same name.  Sadly, or perhaps best for those people in that particular time ... it was demolished in the 1800’s, when Via Dante was realised.

The cloister ruin has become a very real part of ‘my way home’ when in Genova, Italy and I couldn’t resist stepping ‘inside’ with my camera last time I was there.  It was empty of tourists and locals.  I spent some time just photographing the details of that beautiful place.