Scene from the Ghost Tour, Genova

I love my Canon EOS 5D Mk II ...

You see, I didn’t have my flash tonight and this ghost tour/treasure hunt took place in the narrow caruggi and ancient piazzas located in Genova’s historic centre.  Not only that, it took place between 21.15 and 23.45 ...

So, I spun my ISO up to 6200 and voila, we have what we have. 

Oh, and in the post below, I wrote of the fact that I knew I wouldn’t be adding a wish to the bonfire but do you know, like so many other things I wasn’t going to do tonight, I did it.

It’s after 1am here, I must find a way to sleep after the excitement of the treasure hunt, the bonfire, the good people and just being out in this city I love so well. 

Hmmm, buonanotte from Genova.