Amedeo Baldovino, Artist

I met Amedeo Baldovino on my first day back in Genova.  He displays his work with a group of artists on Genova’s Via San Lorenzo.  I had noticed his work on past visits but didn’t like to bother him.  Each time I would think, ‘next time’ and wait for the courage to converse.

This time we talked, via another artist there on the street, Karla Verdugo ... a kind and patient translator of Italian to English and back again.  And I’m so glad that we did.

A plan was made to meet up yesterday, a photography session, a blog creation, and so much intense conversation and laughter.  Shannon is in the process of creating a blog for Amadeo, and others, and I photographed the bulk of his work on display yesterday.

Next weekend, I’m going back to get the stories of everyone else there.  I don’t quite have the names of everyone but there is an 83 year old who looks like he might be in his late 50s or early 60s, there is the artist who used to be a musician and traveled the world on cruise ships, and there is the man who is so proud of his grandchild. 

I love the warmth I find here in Genova.  The people have been so very kind but for now, here is a small taste of Amedeo Baldovino’s work.  This work is my particular favourite ...