Back in Genoa

Yesterday I woke at 4.45am for a 5.30 taxi, and had the luck to have a lovely driver, a man who had been in the merchant navy when he was younger.  He seemed happy to chat all the way there and carried my suitcase into and out of the taxi. 

I caught the 6am bus to the airport for the 8.50am one hour and 40 minute flight, the one that I slept through until we passed over the alps ... at which point I almost climbed out the window, so impressed was I by the beauty of those snow-covered mountains that cut a path from France, through Italy into Austria, as well as passing through Switzerland and the south of Germany.

There was the bus from Milano Malpensa airport, the train from central station to Genova and the walk along Via XX Settembre to Paola’s Place, this place that I love so well.

I slept 10 hours last night.  I never ever sleep 10 hours.

And today was about wandering ... to the forno for a slice of the very best focaccia in Genova (probably the world, actually), stopping off for a delicious espresso.  It was about reclaiming this cityscape before heading out on the 2.40euro train to Camogli.

Stating the obvious, I just have to write that it’s so very good to be back in this very beautiful city.