Special People, Genoa

For me, Genova is not just a place full of beautiful buildings, situated on a coast that reminds me of home.  It is also home to people I very much enjoy spending time with.

Our lovely friend, Stefano, was out town when we arrived but Gert and I spent those days wandering with our cameras, usually 10kms+ days, and we caught up with others.

We were lucky enough to have Kathleen and Peter spend seperate nights with us.  Lucky because to have the 4 of us in one country at the same time was remarkable.  It reminded us that we know more than a few good people who make our lives quite the richer for knowing them.

We were also able to spend time with Lorenzo, another lovely friend who owns this delicious cafe, and who was generous with his time and knowledge over afternoon espresso.

And then Stefano returned.

It was brilliant to see him again, and to meet his wife too.

That first day back together, Stefano and his wife took Gert and I out for a beautiful lunch in a restuarant in the ancient part of the city. We were joined by their friend, Luca, the man who showed us a hotel where future clients ... those who come wandering with me, will stay. 

In a lovely coincidence, just the day before, I had wanted to photograph the door to the hotel, not realising it was a hotel ... it was all about the beauty of the door for me.  I had also returned, more than once, to the piazza on the other side of the hotel, attempting to capture the solitude and peace I found there.  It seemed like a good omen.

And Stefano came wandering with us after lunch, solving some of my logistical problems with the photography tours to Genova. 

Time raced by and, too suddenly, it seemed, our time in Genova was almost done.  Stefano and his wife invited us to one last dinner with friends before we flew out.  The company was delicious.  I didn’t eat them but I enjoyed the conversations and the food.  We said goodnight at 11.30pm, quite without me realising it was so late. 

It has taken me far too long to write of the people who make that city I love even more special.

Grazie!  I look forward to hosting you in Antwerp one day soon.