Peter Gage Furlong, Tenor (and lovely bloke)

I wrote of having ’ exciting news’ over here and then became caught up in living the news ... I’m sorry.  I didn’t actually explain afterwards.

We had had Kathleen come stay with us for a night the weekend before and that was delightful in itself.  Afterwards we had accepted her invitation to come photograph her audition in a place near Viareggio and it was there that we heard this talented soprano sing in real life.  It was stunning!

But then last weekend, ‘the news’ was that Peter and little Miss B were wandering over to visit with us.  You see, one of the more amazing things about any of these visits is that Madrid-based American soprano, Kathleen, and American, now Berlin-based tenor, Peter ... Gert and I, Antwerp-based, manage to find ourselves in the same country at the same time. 

You can read of Peter and his career as a tenor over on his website, although it doesn’t quite capture the lovely guy that Gert and I came to love during the hours we spent together.  The same goes for Kathleen ... perhaps I should be writing their websites.

Anyway, we spent a few hours with these extraordinarily talented generous people and we are surely the better for it.