The Caruggi, Genoa

The photograph below was taken in one of the many caruggi, or narrow alleyways, that criss-cross the ancient heart of Genova city.

I love them.  You can be constantly lost, although we are getting there ... retracing our steps and exploring a new favourite area.

Life is lived up close and personal, so very unlike my New Zealand life in terms of living space and yet, in another way it reminds me of how known we were back in New Zealand.  I experience this Genovese life as a life lived in the midst of a huge extended family.  Today we left our keys in the apartment door.  The doorbell rang loudly just before dinner and we discovered a lovely elderly couple, with their granddaughter in tow, just letting us know what we had done.

But it’s more than that.  It is about hearing the cafe door roll up most mornings, or the neighbour above getting ready for work.  Smelling the heavenly scent from food shops surrounding us and the noise of the evening crowd ... being noisy until hours way beyond anything Belgium would allow.  I am loving it.

The music has taken over here at the internet cafe.  I must go, I find myself typing in time to some lively gypsy-sounding waltz.  I will make less sense than usual if I persist.
Ciao for now, from Genova.