A Favourite Lion, Genoa

I took this photograph as the sun left the city, around 8pm ... and up in the top left of the photograph, you can see the sunset light warming the cathedral called San Lorenzo.  It was exquisite.  I just wish I had a little crane that I could drive around the city and then ride high enough to get the ideal shots I miss on the ground.

Crazily, light over, we made a mad dash through the complicated alleyways between Via San Lorenzo and Via Garibaldi, without a map, racing the last of the evening light.  We were only a little lost but missed the best of the ‘last light’ however I played with my Canon EOS 5D mkII again and you can see the results in the alleyway image ... last one going up tonight.  I must sleep.

Tomorrow ... well, tomorrow I have more exciting news but more on that then.