Standing Still ...

I've been standing still since Paris, 13 October 2013.  It feels very odd.  A little like sleeping, or perhaps napping.

As a result the house is looking pretty.  My bedroom/office space has been refined.  I like it.  And Gert's building me a 2m wide corkboard ... so that I can hang the photographs I'm using for the book.  Apparently he was inspired to create the corkboard when he arrived home and discovered my lines of nylon thread, filled with many pegged A4 colour images.

We negotiate this office space that we share here in our big old L-shaped Belgian bedroom.  He is a very organised man.  I am a chaotic-while-preferring-to-be-organised woman.  I have my little nest of books and papers, photographs and paintings, memories and all kinds of other things too, tucked away behind a small shelf-wall.  I'm in the corner, next to a window, where the predominant colours are deep red and terracotta. 

It's winter here.  I am in need of colour.