Dessert & Antibiotics ...

So much for the 'recovering' part of my plan.  I had to wander off to the doctor's yesterday and, in good news, my iron has roared up the scale to dizzy heights I've probably not experienced in years.  That explains the feeling I had ... of being able to walk a million miles in Rome, in Genova.

The rotten news, as far as I'm concerned, is that I started a demanding course of antibiotics yesterday.  I have an infection and it's the only way to clear it.  And so it is, 12 days of porca miseria

But there's always good news.  Tanya, an old friend from school - my traveling companion during these last few weeks, has returned to Antwerp with me and her 10 year old daughter.  Tanya has been both a successful florist, back in New Zealand, and a cook (she won't let me describe her as a chef.  There are rules apparently but her food is divine.)

The good news ... well, Tanya's been cooking dinners since we returned.  Maybe I made a Shepherd's Pie first evening back but since then, sublime has slipped into our dinner-time.  Last night I made time to race away from the table, find my camera, and photograph her beautiful dessert. 

Made for the kids, loved by the adults too ...

Let's see how long we can keep them here for.