A Quietly Extraordinary Weekend ...

This weekend was a weekend where I experienced the extraordinary privilege of spending time with some remarkable people here in Antwerp.  It was made possible by Sarah Neirinckx, the personal and third culture coach, owner of Bloom.

But I don't want to write of it yet because I need time to work out how to tell the story true, so that you get a sense of it ... without photographs.  I need time.

It wasn't just about the workshop but I had offered the lovely Lynette a bed at our place while she attended the workshop.  This was also an extraordinarily delightful experience.  Having her to stay felt a little bit like some delightful Christmas fairy had climbed down from the tree and sparkled her way through our family. We all enjoyed her company.

Last night, I could barely form two sentences when I tried writing here.  Today re-entry into the life of the extended family has been so much simpler despite the fact it was another inspiring, challenging, intense day. 

But this woman ... Dr Brenda Davies led us all on an exquisite journey through these last few days.  I'll write more as soon as I find the words. 

Keys seem like an entirely appropriate image to end this short blog with.  Normal service will surely return tomorrow.