About the long silence ...

I've been writing blog posts here ... then deleting blog posts, since finding out I have this iron deficiency.

I am consumed, these days, by the anemia.  So frustrated.  To the point where something about it slips into every post I try to write and I get so far through, see I've been whining, and delete.

Perhaps I just need to write, getting over the block and accepting it all as a timely life lesson.  Perhaps I shouldn't try to do everything all of the time.  Perhaps I should have taken vitamins, rested more, eaten more sensibly. 

I wish I had. 

I was raised in a particular way.  We like to ignore these impediments.  I broke my navicular bone, they missed the break on the x-ray, told me to walk on it ... and I did, till they found it.

A hospital once sent me home with a burning hot, bright red swollen knee.  No accident to report in New Zealand, no treatment.  See your GP. 

He was enraged on my behalf.  I had cellulitis.  There was me, so embarassed by being sent home from the hospital, that I walked on it till he could see me.  Six courses of antibiotics later ...

But anemia.  You actually can't push through it.  Or I can't.  Every time I over-do it, I pay.  It's like I can't cheat here.  It's 4 months until the doctor retests my iron levels.   Gert suggested this was because my level of iron deficiency was such that it would take that long.  He thinks I should be patient.

I think I have to be.

To add to the misery of this, coffee and red wine interfere with iron uptake.  I laughed as I wrote that.  Can you believe it???

And I know it's minor but minor usually means I can find a way round it.  I can't.  I'm slowinggggggg right down, trying to accommodate this difficult guest.

However today a lovely client-to-be filled me with inspiration.  I've been working here at the computer, plotting and planning, all day.  Taking facebook breaks when breaks were required.  Cleaning a little ... knowing fish and chips are booked in as that unhealthy but simple dinner tonight.

A good day after a series of epic days lately.  The Belgian Bloke crashed into bed with 3 intense days of fever, he spent something like 53 out of 64 hours sleeping, and was only just on his feet when he returned to work after a week. 

In fact so much goes on behind-the-scenes here that sometimes I'm tempted to share it all but it's always too whiny.  And so ... let's see if I've turned a corner.  The stairs to my office are noticeably easier ... small steps, Diane.  Small steps.

I've been searching out photographs from years past, for a 5-day challenge on Facebook, and found this one.  A  favourite of mine.