Patrice van de Walle - Web Impact Video and the Videocial

It doesn't happen too often, thank goodness, but sometimes you arrive to photograph someone and voila become the subject of a Patrice van de Waller's videocial.

He explains: Videocials are the specific combination of videos and social media.  In other words, the videos are made specifically with Social Media in Mind.  What is involved in this?

Patrice van de Walle was the bloke who made this photographer the subject ... dammit.

I should tell you though, he brings more than 20 years of experience in television & the Internet to any project he takes on.  He has managed a satellite TV channel in India and helped found a TV production company in the UK.  He  launched TV channels in Germany and the UK, launching several video and B2B web sites too. 

Actually, he is also available to speak at conferences about his favourite topic: the many uses of video on the web and the communications revolution it will engender. 

He's charming, engaged, intelligent ... so yeah, I let him film me at work.  It's not me at my best.  I might have felt a little bit ... filmed.  My preference is a kind of invisibility ... the kind a documentary-style photographer seeks.  I prefer to know about everyone else but here, Patrice captured something of me at work.

I recommend you having a good look around his website ... Web Video Impact, and then wandering on over to Videocial.

Here's the man.  I may have pointed my camera his way too ...