Patrice van de Walle, of Web Video Impact


Yesterday I spent the day, someplace else in Belgium, photographing Patrice van de Walle of Web Video Impact.  His company is a European leader in Client Led Video Marketing.  One of his current projects is working with companies who want to highlight the engagement their clients have with products or services.  

Web Video Impact's stated objective is to place the client, as much as is possible, into the production and distribution of advertising videos.  It's exciting and I loved the concept. I viewed some of his work yesterday, and was impressed.

Francesca Puccio, a much-admired interior architecture and renovation specialist and friend here in Belgium, has a beautiful sample of Web Video Impact's work up on her website.

And then ... as I worked on, with my second photoshoot of the day, Patrice filmed me at work ... just for fun.  So, if all goes well (and I can deal with the sadness of not actually looking like Sandra Bullock) you may get a taste of how it is to be photographed by me ... captured by the maestro himself. 

The photograph below, shows Patrice filming me, with one of the smaller more portable video cameras in his stable of cameras.