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Just woke up thinking of some of my favorite faraway places, and how I carry them around with me, like home, wherever I go. 

And how when I settle in someday, plant my roots for good (or nearly good) I want that place I make—wherever it might be—to be a testament to all these other quietly loved places that have made, and continually make me awake to the world.

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Whoever writes this blog made me say, 'yes!' as I read the above.  I found it over on facebook, thanks to Diana.  I recommend you calling by to check out her blog, A Certain Simplicity.

When I settle down one day, I'll know it's the place because there will be something of every other place I've loved, woven into that home, that location, that country ...

I took this photograph from the lawn of my funny little cottage, located on the edge of Otago Harbour, Dunedin ... in 2001 maybe.  The dates are imprecise now but it was after that divorce, way back then.