Portraiture II

This shot was taken out in the cobblestone yard of the big old house in Wallonia.  The white background came courtesy of an old wooden barn door and the hat was a treasure recently found by Alysha at the Waterloo Market.

She used cosmetics on her eyes but that was it.  What the light did with her skin, was nothing short of miraculous.  I was stunned, once again, by the magic of eyes.

We had such fun.  I'll put up a gallery of this shoot, and the shoot with that lovely Australian bloke, soon.

Portraiture and I

One of the wildcards, in terms of my photography, is that I have no set way of doing things ... there is no structure or formula. 

Each person ... each portrait shoot, is a new journey.  A setting off into the unknown

Sometimes I think about being terrified in these unfamilar settings, working in unknown or ever-changing light, with a person who may or may not trust me in my attempt at capturing them.  But then I remember ... this is the space where the magic happens.

And so it was with the American ...