Found in Surrey, England

My lovely friend, Kim, took me out to lunch today and we ended up in a pretty little village called Godalming.  

Have I already mentioned that the charity shops in England blow my mind?

Books, really good secondhand books, start at .50p and don't go higher than 2 pounds.  And they're all in English. 

I have been living outside of English for so long that I still find this stunning, even after a month in this world.

It was foggy today but beautifully, autumly, foggy.  The light was divine and, for the first time in a long time, I felt my passion for photography rise up and demand time.

Kim stopped at a church, somewhere in the hills of Surrey, so that my camera and I could play for a while. 

The lunch was delicious.  We discovered Grills and Greens, and were served by a lovely guy from Rome.  My tagliatelle funghi, mushrooms and cream sauce with fresh ground black pepper, was rather divine.