Sardines ...

A high of 34 celsius is expected here in Antwerp today.  It started early and was already 29 when I biked to the supermarket at 9am.  It's lovely, I'm not going to complain ... It's just very. very. hot. for this crowded little city with the massive European highway passing through it.

Thunderstorms should crash over us tonight or tomorrow, and a 10 degree drop in temperature is expected.

It's summer.  It's like that.  Sometimes we have one.

When I have time, the search for exhibition photographs goes on ... and along the way I find shots like this one, taken in Istanbul.  It still makes me smile.  I called it sardines.

Madrid, and a second beautiful wedding photographed

In Madrid, beautiful people who love hard and laughed often, gathered from all over the world however ... weaving their feline way in and out of the wedding preparations were 4 incredibly special Spanish cats. 

Nene was my nemesis.  He had worked out he was the Alpha Creature to whom I should submit. 

I was torn between stopping him from eating the flowers, arranged for the wedding reception tables, and well ... photographing him eating those flowers.