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Sharon Olds said something beautiful about sometimes thinking of her poems as instructions for how to put the world back together if it were destroyed.

From Amy Heppel's interview, with Paul Winner, from the Paris Review where she said so much that was wise and beautiful.

I was introduced to the story of Lisa Bonchek Adams via an exquisite article by Zeynep Tufekci, titled Make the Most of Your Day.  They wrote ...

Her love of life and courage was a lesson to me, everyday. She sent out these tweets almost daily, her lessons of life and death.

Saturday, I reread this book and realised all over again, how beautifully written it is while remaining a tale so powerfully written that it destroys me each and every time I read it.  Mornings in Jenin, by Susan Abulhawa.  It's worth seeking out.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying this song by Andrew Belle as I listen to music here ... reading and writing, taking notes, enjoying the weekend ... at last.