Where To Begin ...


So much has happened since my previous post.  Then again, 'so much' is normal here.  The city is vibrantly alive, and offers up so many stories and secret places, that I could wander happily for a hundred years or more. 

I've been using my phone camera a lot.  Pushing it hard, to see what is possible. Applying the rules of photography to the little Samsung Galaxy.  I used it for this photograph, taken in Piazza De Ferrari. one dark and rainy night.

room with that view w.jpg

The view from my bedroom makes me so happy.  After months of having the shutters closed by the scaffolding around the building, they finally took it all down and left me with this.  

It's 13 celsius, on this winters day in Liguria, and my windows are open.  

And yes, I'm still loving it here.  Even more, if that is possible