Remembering My Mum ...

Someplace Else

Imagine if she didn't really die.
That it was her I saw this morning
having her breakfast, at the window that
looked out over the bay.

That our pain was imagined, and
her pain was a nightmare of mine.
That this morning, I woke up and
remembered ... she lived someplace else.

Then again, maybe I just caught a small glimpse of her in her heaven.
A cottage, with a big window, and a view that looked out over the sea.

Kathleen's Mum

I’m sure that every person who meets this delicious woman falls in love with her ... in all the various forms of ‘falling’ that there are.

I just adored her.  And this photograph almost seems more painting than photo but I think it suits her and so here I am, sharing this beautiful person with you.  I caught her at work in the kitchen ... but really, no one has made me giggle like she made me giggle.  Not in a long time.