And the rain continues to fall ... Genova

It seems that we have a stubborn zone of low pressure spinning round and round over us ... she writes, probably not quite getting it right.  It looks like we might have rain here until Tuesday ... so frustrating.  It’s not particularly cold but wet ... oh so wet.

Meanwhile I wasn’t really sure what we might find outside this morning but the bakery was open and so we had the best kind of focaccia breakfast.  Then we were off into the alleyways in search of water supplies.  Shops were open, people were out and about, and slowly I was able to line up reality and seperate it from the flood chaos we had viewed online.

We went down into the Centro Storico because we knew one of our lovely Genovese friends had been considering spending the night in her shop, worried about water damage.  It was good to find her safe and well.

And so it has been another day of quiet sadness, here in Italy, thinking about those who have died in the flash flooding during this last week.  I’ve been following Kate’s news from Cinque Terre, on her blog called Little Paradiso.  Today she wrote of another American who experienced the floods there.  Christine is blogging of her experience in the floods last week and the ongoing worries they have about this weather that just keeps spinning round over top of us all.

Meanwhile, a photograph snapped out on Piazza San Lorenzo ...umbrellas are required.


Hmmm, heavy rain, Genova

I was sitting here, minding my own business at 6.50am, when the sound of the rain registered.

It’s heavy rain out there.  I wandered on over to Stefano’s RighiCam and clicked on the 10 day weather forecast.  Seems we’re in for some rain here ... and some more rain too, actually.

People are hoping that those living in Cinque Terre will be okay during this series of deluges.  You can keep up with news in English from Cinque Terre via Kate Little at Little Paradiso who, in this particular post, lists others who are also writing of the flooding there last week.

Meanwhile, it’s good weather for writing a book, I’m thinking ...