A New Week, Genova

Friday night’s jazz and cooking evening had to be cancelled, as the cold sucked all of my energy out of me.  Then Saturday’s dinner at Arenzano was postponed till Sunday, due to ... my cough, lack of energy and etc.

Saturday night was a nightmare.  I coughed until 6am, then slept until 10.30am.  Francesca, Beppe, Romi and Marco were so kind putting up with the tired creature who arrived for lunch.  Then again, the conversations were so interesting that I think they revitalised me. 

Last night, I took cough mixture, a natural kind, and can you believe it ... I slept.  Almost all night.  It was a stunning departure from recent nights.

I bounced out of of bed at 8.30am today, dressed and caught the bus out to Boccadasse, deciding that these new energy levels needed tested out alongside the sea, with a stroll on Corso Italia. 
The photograph below was a part of the view ... it was lovely out there, just lovely.