Guest Post by Tara Agacayak - Business Coach.

I don't usually offer guest post-space here but I was so impressed by my experience of working with business coach, Tara Agacayak, that I invited her to write of her work.

I had initially signed up with her because I was curious about precisely what assistance a business coach could offer me ... as a photographer, an artist, a woman living in countries not her own.  Tara immediately impressed me with her practical ideas of how I could move forward in my business, generating income and giving me freedom to continue developing all the ideas that I have.  Ideas that I could implement immediately, without complications.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.  In a world awash with coaches, Tara stands head & shoulders above most I've followed over the years.  She has the life experience, an understanding of the multi-national life, as well as the intelligence and empathy that I believe this kind of work demands.  She has my respect. 

And so ... meet Tara Agacayak, Business Coach:

Di’s tagline above reads “People Become Stories and Stories Become Understanding”

Do we share the same story?

As I write this, I sit overlooking the sparking blue Sea of Marmara, smiling contentedly. Never did I dream that my heart could love two countries or delight in calling them both my home.

I am an American wife of a Turk, living in Istanbul. When I moved to Turkey 14 years ago, it was for love. But I demanded that as soon as my husband’s job allowed, that we’d return to the rolling hills of Silicon Valley where I’d grown up.

Until I fell in love with Turkey.

Since then I have worked persistently to build a lifestyle and career that allow me freedom to be in both places.

Maybe this is you too.

Perhaps you have also found the work you love to do and you have seen some success, and you’re at the point where you’d like to figure out how to repeat it month after month to create the stable income that allows you to sustain your dream lifestyle.

It might feel more like an expensive hobby than a sustainable business.

Would you like some support turning that around?

I’m a business coach, working on earning my coaching certification and I’m offering free coaching to help women figure out how they can start earning more money in their business.

If you enjoy your business and the work you’re doing, and would find it useful to talk to someone to brainstorm ways to grow, I would love the chance to speak with you.

The first step is to complete this short survey (5 minutes).

And if the session is useful to you, I would love a testimonial or referral and your feedback.

I look forward to talking with you about how to make more money in your business so you can live the life you desire.

My best wishes for your success!

P.S. If you’re curious about me, you can learn more about me here.