Livorno, Tuscany

I'm here this morning, in Livorno, Tuscany.  Just for 24 hours.

I had breakfast down by this wild and beautiful sea ... after battling Wellington-like winds to get there.  But the wind was warm enough and the coffee & crema brioche superb.

I was on a train at 9am yesterday, slipping through Liguria and down into Tuscany, to attend the first birthday of my favourite little man in the world.  It was really worth it. I met some lovely people, ate delicious food, and got to spend time with that lovely family I know.

I had to buy a new phone last week.  My old phone is almost legend, in that I've had trouble with it since moving to Italy ... It finally died an ugly android death.  I tried making-do with someone else's old phone but it was turning into an incredible saga.  Finally I caved and bought something new.  

I love my new phone.  I asked the guy to help me out, said I was a photographer and wouldn't mind having a phone with a decent camera.  I think he's done that.  No, it's not an iPhone but a Samsung, and so far it's impressing me.  I took the photograph above, using it.

On the packed train, I discretely took photographs as we passed through Carrera, with all its mountains and marble, and Rapallo ... a place I had read of in both of the books I just read about Hemingway's life.  And now this morning, after my cafe breakfast, there I was ... tears streaming from my eyes, hair a wild wind-blown mess, leaning into said wind to take a series like this.

I'm getting picked up soon and it's road-trip time.  I love road-trips.  I'm like the tail-wagging Labrador who loves nothing better than going someplace in a car.  Anyplace.  I think it's a couple of hours back to Genova, and I'm really looking forward to seeing Italy from the road.  But for now, it's time to explore Livorno.

I had been thinking of getting a Vesper one day but now I'm thinking, I'm a road-trip kind of woman, maybe I have to get a car.

Buongiorno from Livorno.