Days Like This ...

Last weekend, I was up in the hills behind Genova, to hear Nickel & Dime perform in a small village.  

It was brilliant.  Firstly, because Tato, Ivo and Massi are truly lovely guys.  I enjoy their music. And then their wives are fun too.  So I felt extraordinarily fortunate to spend time with them, there on the edge of their world. 

But to take photographs as I pleased, to sit down to a really hearty Italian dinner with a huge group of people, and stay for the music ... that was the magic.

I think I'm a photographer more than anything else.  There's nothing that makes me happier than having my camera in my hand, just watching, and listening, and taking photographs.  Getting to know people, slowly ... hoping they'll trust me to only attempt to capture the very best of them.

The music was great, as always.  There is a video coming but not from the night.  It was too noisy to record anything beautiful.  And, so far, these guys only have this up up on Youtube. 

Ivo and Luca made a  video I previously posted here - Late Night, Weather Dancers.  But I can't share the sound of Nickel & Dime, or not yet.  

It was a good day, in a beautiful place, with excellent people. 

Just that.