The Things An Imaginary Princess Might Do ...

first espresso at home in nz.jpg

A woman who imagines she is a princess might arrive back in New Zealand, after so many years spent living elsewhere and, before she does almost anything else, she fails to resist the espresso machine being sold for below cost …

And is she ashamed?

No, she is not.

(Although she tried to be …)

I made my first espresso this morning, using Lavazza coffee, and it’s all been worth it.

Breakfast has long been my Holy Moment. It’s the only meal I truly love. Finding the precise ingredients, to make it Holy, in every country has been the Thing.

I love an espresso, I love good bread for toast, and butter too. And I’ve managed it in Turkey, in Belgium, in England and Italy but I was slow here, and suffered through some terrible coffee.

Life seems quite beautiful this morning.