On The Road Again ...

the road, scotland.jpg

I'm writing this from Aberdeenshire, up in Scotland.  I would like to write 'in the frozen north' but I would probably be accused of exaggerating.  In my defense, it's very frozen compared to Genova.

I crept down the stairs this morning, first one awake as usual, and saw it was -6 celsius.  I'm not good once the numbers dip that low ... others seem to thrive or, at very least, be impervious. 

I am on the road again, an epic journey but the story of how it all came about is tied up in work.  I fly from here to London, then London to Rarotonga.  I stop there a while, then fly on, to New Zealand,  home after 5 years away.

I am, so very much, lookind forward to seeing family and old friends.  Meanwhile I'm enjoying time with my daughter, and Miss 13 too, Sander, Orin the Romanian Rescue Dog and Lucy the Champion Vole Hunter  :-)