Reframing Life: a photography and journaling workshop, Norway 2016

Join Ren Powell and me in Stavanger, Norway from 24-26 June, 2016, on our photography & journaling workshop for women - looking outward, looking inward, and discovering new perspective via photography and writing.

Ren is a native Californian, who – over the last twenty years – has settled in Stavanger, on the west coast of Norway. This means we have an invaluable guide into the local culture and its secret places. This will be my second photography workshop in the city, and I highly recommend you come join us as we explore this beautiful place.

Ren is a poet and teaching artist, with a PhD in Creative Writing. She has a diploma in Yoga Teaching, and an education in Therapeutic Writing, and Guidance Counseling. She is looking forward to facilitating writing exercises to help women rediscover their simplest joys, discover new perspectives, and uncover personal potential.

Ren's has a special interest is exploring writing as a tool to help create The Good Life. She is a strong believer in an integrated mind/body, and in moving beautifully through the world with good food, good thoughts, and many perspectives. You can read more about Ren over here.

I love working with her; you will too.

I'm Di Mackey, a professional photographer from New Zealand, but like Ren, I've been living for many years in countries not my own. 

My experience as a photographer is long and varied. I’ve worked as a documentary photographer in Berlin, a wedding photographer in England, Spain, Germany, and France, and as a portrait artist in various countries. Most of my freelance work has been done in Belgium.  I love the challenge of arriving and discovering each new location, getting to know each unique family, and finding a new way to frame each event.

In these workshops, I invite women to explore and own their particular way of seeing and capturing the world via their cameras, while breaking down the technicalities so they see how simple photography is. Ren will be focusing on facilitating the use of personal journaling as a tool for “reframing” personal narratives.

Highlights of the weekend will be touring Stavanger with a local poet who knows it intimately, visiting the oldest building in town, eating in the best places: making note of our experiences and working on our photography as we wander.  We're intent on taking you behind-the-scenes in this beautiful Norwegian town.

The program will include a facilitated discussion about mindfulness and the good life, a little meditation & mindfulness instruction, and hands-on exercises to reframe our experiences of people and places.

I bring a blank notebook where you can make notes, stick photographs, store memories - although feel free to bring your own book too.

Cost: £1,400

Included in the price:

  • Accommodation - 3 nights in an exquisite Norwegian B&B located in the old part of the city.

  • All meals unless otherwise stated.

  • A dinner at the best restaurant in Stavanger.

  • Pre-workshop materials

  • All learning materials and tuition during the workshop

Not included:

  • Personal travel and transfers to and from Stavanger, Norway

  • Travel insurance

  • Wine, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, during or outside meals unless otherwise stated.


Bring a laptop to transfer your photographs.  if you have a photo-editing program, that's great.  If not, I can introduce you to some free online websites where you can get a sense of what can be done to your images.  Other points.  We will be walking so bring comfortable shoes, and rain clothes too.  Just in case.

Prices include all taxes.

Please join us for good food, interesting discussions and work exercises and a weekend of creative exploration in Stavanger!

Email us via the workshop form here.