Street Scenes, Antwerpen.

I didn't sherpa my camera gear with me to Belgium this time.  There were Christmas gifts to bring and small things of mine I want to take back to England.  And I was trying to be realistic about my ability to carry everything back through London's Underground, most particularly when I hit all those stairs over at Green Park.

All that to write that I'm using an old DSLR while wandering here.  A small Canon EOS 400D.  It was packed in all my 'stuff' stored here, waiting for me.  And it's been fun.  I've had to work a bit harder to capture some scenes but the camera itself is so very much lighter than my Canon 5D MkII.  I simply slip it into my handbag and I'm off.

I spotted the following scene from the tram you see in the middle, above.  I hopped off and walked back to the side street, where the light was shining, just so ...