Week 3 in Rarotonga ...


Taken at the start of my third week in Rarotonga, after a few days of rain, thunder, lightning and heat.  I went to the water's edge to photograph the sunset and my hair was caught by the wind.  Feeling like Medusa, I took a couple of shots.  This is the tamer one.  A tan has been acquired while going about my daily life, and it continues to deepen. I'm okay with that :-)

and the wind blew.jpg

I am loving the photography.  So far I've really only had time to play around 'home'.  I was out, watching another sunset and noticed the trees in the wind.  I loved this but perhaps it's too strange for anyone else to like.

our Cook Island friend.jpg

We have a new lunchtime friend.  This is the second day, in a row, he's popped up from a gap in the middle of the outside table, to remind us to share that fresh paw paw, banana, mango and pineapple smoothie of ours.  

I'm frustrated by my lens options ... this was taken with my 70-200mm.  Not ideal but you get the idea.  He trusts us and stays, quietly licking our offerings until he is full.

I love the Gecko here - the Moko.  They 'chatter' in the softest way, and they eat insects and spiders.  As I am constantly waging war with the ants, all Moko are welcome.

that truck.jpg

Life goes on.  I have learned the peculiar pleasure that is observing the 50km, maximum, speed limit.  Life, in general, is so much slower here. And I'm loving the small truck that I drive.  I would drive a million miles in it if I could.

The woman who said she would wear jeans here now wanders, dressed minimally.  A local sarong as a skirt, a singlet, and my beloved Havaianas ... my elegant black 'wear everywhere' jandals. 

This Rarotongan life ... it's a good life.