Taking the Longest, Prettiest Ways Home ...

These days, I'm having trouble going any place in the city, ...now that I have a camera in my phone.  I can't resist trying to capture the city and so the direct path is never taken.

And then, these last two nights have been unprecedented in this life of mine.  The night owl I have always been has fallen into bed at 9pm, only to wake at 5 and leave early for my bus ... so that I can wander, slowly, through the city.

And getting home ... an unfolding of beautiful that makes the road home quite a long one.

Last night was quietly desperate, as I didn't quite have the right clothes on for the humid, cool evening air and I knew I needed to go change but ... just one more photograph.

The series above is a mix of morning, midday, and that 'just one more photograph' series last night.

This weekend promises to be full of good people again.  A family foto-shoot with friends I adore.  And an old friend arriving from Parma too.  And finally launching my 2017 photography workshops here in Genova, too.

But it's 6.30am, Friday.  I must dress and go wandering on my way to the bus ...