Finding that Perfect Pub ... here in England

It's like Cinderella's prince finding the foot that belonged to the glass slipper.  Or Goldilocks, perhaps.

I found 'something like home'  tonight, the third pub I've tried. 

The People!!!!  So kind.  A plumber bought me a drink.  The welder, the builder, and some others too, made me almost die laughing there at the bar.

The publican ... he is brilliant.  Like a stage manager, keeping an eye out and making sure that everyone is safe, that man who is incredibly kind.

And then there was the army chef and his beautiful wife ... they filled me in.  Invited me to play golf with them sometime.

My birthday's tomorrow, so different to last year ... with the photography exhibition and friends flying in from all over Europe.  Tomorrow, I shall go this pub that I've found ... the one that serves good wine and much kindness.

Thank you to everyone, who doesn't actually know about my blog, but ... who made me so welcome in this part of England where I currently am.

Oh ...!  And the recruiting center phoned me today and I missed that call, as you do!  So tomorrow, who knows, perhaps there is good news.

Meanwhile some the guys there gave me some contacts to check out in the days ahead.  Who knows where this Kiwi is watching the All Blacks play on Saturday but that lovely pub is surely calling me.

I was on my way back from here, yesterday, when i found the pub ... just btw.