Thankful ...

To travel is to see the world, and to meet its inhabitants, to find acceptance there in their hospitality, and to find in complete strangers, a family we didn’t know we had.

David duChemin, Photographer & wise man too.

I was compelled to lift these words from the story David told over at Maptia.  I'm listening to Zaz sing  Historia De Un Amor en vivo as I write this. 

I'm loving the internet for allowing me to know of David's writing and photograpy, for allowing me to listen to Zaz and her magical music ... but most especially for allowing me to watch Christmas unfold back home in New Zealand, 12 hours ahead of us here in Belgium, via friends and family I won't be seeing this year.

On Facebook I wrote, 7am on 25 December in New Zealand, 7pm on 24 December here in Belgium. Summer back home, winter here ... sometimes the split in my reality is clear.

The foto, taken by Jurjana Pavlinovic-Timmermans, after our Christmas Eve catch-up in the city.  Thanks for the conversations, and for the laughter, Jurjana  :-)