Today, in Genova

Last visit to Genova, I had the good fortune to meet a very kind man who quietly explained the free concert Outi and I had arrived in time for ... in Palazzo Ducale.

Roberto and I stayed in touch.  He has wandered the world and taken some beautiful photographs en route.  And so it was, this time, that he offered to take me into the heart of this ancient city I love so well.

There is no point in ever imagining you know Genova.  She will always surprise you.  Even if you live here forever.  It is a city for those who want depth.  A city for those who don't want the easy entertainment experience.

Today I was introduced to the legend that is Captain Enrico Alberto d'Albertis (1846-1932), a remarkable man.  His castello is one I will return to.  I wandered in a cloister that I didn't know existed.  I visited churches I had only photographed the exterior of ... grazie, Roberto.

Tonight ... I'm not even sure I can capture it for you.  I am here, as usual, next to the open window ... writing and listening to music but more than that, listening to the noise of an evening in Genova.  There's a bar below me, a pizzeria across the small alley ... there is life. 

I love the noise of Italy.  And there's a warm breeze, good music, and the pleasure that is simply being here ... in this moment, loving everything about where I am.

But a photograph, from my today spent wandering.  The light ... this one was all about the light.